Study: Drivers Are 46% More Likely to Get Into Accidents on Dallas Roads Than the Rest of the U.S.

It's not just you.Dallas drivers really do get into more collisions than most other large cities in Texas and throughout the U.S., according to a new study from Allstate Insurance Co.Allstate's best drivers report found Dallas falls in the bottom 15% of cities for safe driving records, based on its analysis of 200 major cities. The analysis was based on auto claims data collected by the insurance company and published for the 15th year.Dallas drivers experience a collision every seven years on average, meaning commuters are about 46% more likely to get into a wreck than the average U.S. driver, the study found. The average U.S. driver experiences some sort of collision once every 10.5 years, according to Allstate's analysis.Allstate insures about 1.5 million households in Texas, a spokesperson told The Dallas Morning News. Allstate's auto policies account for about 10% nationally.Dallas narrowly avoided landing on Allstate's risky roads list – reserved for the 15 cities where drivers have to be most careful not to get into an accident. Garland and Irving were among North Texas cities that also ranked in the bottom 15%, trailing Dallas.The Texas border city of Brownsville was found to be the safest in the U.S. for drivers, and Laredo and McAllen both ranked in the top 10 as well.Texas leads the nation in traffic deaths. At least one person has been killed on Texas roads every day for the last 19 years, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. It's a streak the state has been working to end. On average, 10 people are killed on state roadways each day.  Continue reading...

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