Somebody Break It to the Boss: Morale’s a Problem at Tenet Healthcare

Since a new CEO took over in late 2017, Tenet Healthcare has cut jobs, slashed overhead, changed executives and put a major business unit on the block. Then, the company said it planned to offshore over 1,000 jobs.How’s all this going over with employees?“I don’t think the effect on morale has been bad,” CEO Ron Rittenmeyer said last week at Tenet offices in downtown Dallas. “We do surveys on these things every year, and I don't see that our surveys have gone down because of it.”On Glassdoor, a leading jobs site, employees tell a different story. In reviews from Tenet workers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, just 20 percent approved of the CEO — and only 23 percent said they’d recommend their workplace to a friend.Those are dismal scores, far below national averages. At a top-ranked company, such as Southwest Airlines, 95 percent of local employees giving reviews approved of the CEO and 93 percent would recommend their employer to a friend, according to Glassdoor.Southwest is a tough comparison because it perennially ranks among the top places to work in America. But Tenet isn’t close to matching its local health care rivals, either.At Methodist Health System, Texas Health Resources and UT Southwestern, over 80 percent of D-FW employees approved of the CEO on Glassdoor. At Baylor Scott & White, 66 percent of local reviewers approved of the CEO — just below Glassdoor’s average for all companies and still far ahead of Tenet’s score.  Continue reading...

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