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Support for O'RourkeRe: "The latest great Democratic hope — Jim Geraghty says despite glowing profiles, the numbers just don't add up for Beto O'Rourke," March 9 Viewpoints.Ted Cruz and conservative writers are taking every opportunity to declare that "the numbers just don't add up for Beto O'Rourke." The Viewpoints column by Jim Geraghty of the National Review is another example. Perhaps Cruz and his supporters, like the president, think that repeating a claim often enough will make it true. It's also very possible that disheartened Texans all over this great state are just beginning to learn there is a strong alternative to Rafael "Ted" Cruz.I heartily agree with Cruz about one thing — that many Texans will "crawl over broken glass to vote in November" for Beto O'Rourke. Like many Americans, I am committed to being more actively engaged in supporting capable, ethical candidates. I'm looking forward to seeing how the numbers add up this November.Jennifer Brown Elbert, CoppellStop the name callingRe: "Cruz's venom," by Brian Baldwin, March 9 Letters.Brian Baldwin refers to Ted Cruz as a venomous snake. Well, Brian, one thing that makes politics so unsavory is the name calling that goes on between parties. Maybe instead of the left going against the president and Republican Party, they should try working together to get things done. You may get a surprise at what could be accomplished.While on the subject of name calling, think about this. In November 2016, America decided they didn't want two of the world's most poisonous snakes back in the White House. The left just can't get over its loss and continues to try and shipwreck the country. And speaking of those two deadly snakes, I would compare them to Mr. Two Steps, a serpent native to Southeast Asia. It was given that name because that's how far you could walk before falling over dead if he bit you. I'm sorry I had to get down on your level of name calling, Mr. Baldwin, but you started it. America has great freedoms, including being able to vote snakes out of office. Why don't you do your name calling at the polls?Jimmie George, FarmersvilleLow opinion of CruzRe: "A midterm report card for Sen. Cruz — He scores well in conservative ideology, not so well in other areas, says Richard Parker," Sunday Points.Pretty much sums up my opinion of this Cubo-Canadian senator without all the curse words that normally come before and after the mere mention of this blight on the human race.Terry Harrison, DallasSay that to his faceIf you were really interested in honesty and transparency, you would have a direct conversation with the man in an open forum, rather than hiding behind The Dallas Morning News' paper skirt.Adolphus Vance Gist, East DallasAn atheist's irrational beliefRe: "Hawking's 'laboratory was the universe' — Despite complicated subject, he captured public's imagination," Thursday news story.The world-famous physicist and atheist Stephen Hawking died Wednesday. Christians cannot help but pause in wonder how such a mind, which spent its earthly life trying to explain away the reality of God, could fail to grasp that reality.The only way one can be an atheist is to assume that an irrational possibility is more likely than a rational one, that a causeless event has never been witnessed by any one of the billions of humans who have ever lived and that the greatest event in the history of the universe (existence) had no cause. A causeless creation is certainly a possibility, but it is an irrational one.Chip Field, DallasGod is out thereI am puzzled as to how professor Stephen Hawking could be as intelligent as he undoubtedly was and study the miracle of the universe for so long without finding God. "For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe."(1 Corinthians 1:21)Valerie A. New, McKinneyHolding our roads hostageRe: "North Texas highway unity showing cracks — Fixes to LBJ East at expense of other projects dividing officials," Monday Metro & State story.Many residents of Dallas are outraged that TxDOT has pulled plans to expand 635 between Central Expressway and Interstate 30. North Texas drivers should be, too. Unfortunately, a few state lawmakers have decided that optional tolled express lanes, similar to the ones on 635 between Central and Interstate 35E, don't fit their agendas.Shaky contingency plans include reallocating funds from other vital highway projects across Dallas-Fort Worth. The News has reported on the adverse regional impact of defunding these projects and local residents have voiced their opposition all the way from TxDOT to the governor's office. To no avail.North Texans should not have critical infrastructure projects held hostage by legislators who have no interest in the safety or efficiency of our daily commutes. With one new resident moving to North Texas every four minutes, we need to expand highway infrastructure now.Drivers who travel 635 West with its new optional tolled express lanes resoundingly support the model and the freedom to choose. 635 East currently comprises one of the most congested and accident-prone arteries in the state. The solution is designed and ready to go, but petty Texas politics is winning out.Brad McCutcheon, Dallas/LakeHighlandsNo relief from trashWe live in the Atmos outage area and as a result have had to move our trash bins to the street for garbage service. We were the first to place our cans on the street on March 7 for the following morning pickup. Since we no longer have heat, hot water and the use of our oven, we have resorted to eating out at mostly fast food places like everyone else thus, generating a considerable amount of additional recycle trash. The trash crews arrived and began dumping all the cans except ours; we are on the corner. Our picture window allowed for us to witness the following events: Trash man speaking on the cellphone while attempting to dump a can, amusing but not very efficient. They proceeded onward failing to empty the one can we really need: the recycle can. They drove up and down the street several times failing to see a full can. We called 311 four times over the next two days. All the people we spoke with said they would have the can picked up after we explained our predicament. As of about a week later, the can has not been picked up, resulting in placing recyclable trash in the garbage bin. Why do we have 311 if they will not respond to simple needs?Kevin and Sandra McCormack, North Dallas/Davilla EstatesThat's where the snakes wentOh, faith and begorrah! Today is the day that Saint Patrick drove all the snakes far away. Now Ireland's snake-free and it's plain to see ... Too many migrated to Washington, D.C.!Nella Pitts Phillips, Far North Dallas  Continue reading...

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