Should Texas Bans Red Light Cameras? More Than 100 Lawmakers Now Say ‘yes'

AUSTIN — A North Texas legislator best known for killing bills may be about to pass his first — to kill red light cameras. During his six years in the Texas House, Jonathan Stickland has helped write plenty of legislation and partnered on more than a few bills that have been signed into law. But he's never seen his own bill — one that he's championed as the primary author — get debated on the House floor.Now, he's got more than 100 lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans, backing his effort to outlaw red light cameras. Stickland is confident this not only means his bill will be heard, but also that it has a good chance of becoming law. After years of disappointment, will the tea party firebrand pass his first law — and will it be a bipartisan victory to boot?"I suggest all the cities begin planning their budgets without red light camera revenue," Stickland, R-Bedford, told The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday. "They're going to come down. It's just a question of how long."  Continue reading...

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