Should Lillian Salerno Lose the Love and Go Negative in Her Congressional Race Against Colin Allred?

There are times in politics when you can be too nice.That was evident in the love fest also known as the Democratic Primary for Congressional District 32.In the heat of the campaign, the five major candidates were asked at a SMU forum to praise their rivals, and they happily obliged.Gag warning: The following contains language of gratuitous fawning."Good looking, tall, smart, athlete, played in the NFL," Dallas lawyer George Rodriguez gushed about Colin Allred."I like all of them," said Dallas businesswomen Lillian Salerno. "Colin is someone that I know better than the most of our colleagues here because I share a friend with him...We have a kindred spirit.""I think the world of Colin and his hometown roots and the generosity of his spirit," said former State Department official Ed Meier of Allred.There was love all around, perhaps to the detriment of most of the field.  Continue reading...

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