Science in the City Promises a Cool Study of Self-driving Cars, Prehistoric Animals and Earthquakes

Science is all over the news these days. We hear about climate change and automated cars and the mysteries of the brain. A lot of what happens with science takes place behind closed doors, hidden on the leafy campuses of universities or in quiet corners of medical office buildings. But the good news for people who live in North Texas, and their families, is that The Dallas Morning News and its partners want to help you peer inside research labs while meeting some of the most important scientists in the country. This year, "Science in the City" will unfold over a series of Saturdays from March 16 to April 13. Visitors will learn about groundbreaking brain research, self-driving cars, artificial limbs, prehistoric animals, earthquakes and nuclear explosions. In addition to all that, interactive experience is also part of the lure.   Continue reading...

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