‘Science Collider' Brings Live Storytellers Sharing True Tales to Dallas' Wild Detectives

Erin Barker never considered herself a science nerd. "I really like electricity and penicillin and all those great things we get because of science," she said, but that was the extent of her interest until, in 2010, she found herself "in the basement of a bar in Queens," listening as a series of amateur storytellers stood up and got personal about the times science left its mark on their lives. It was the first iteration of the international event series now known as The Story Collider.More than 250 live performances later, Story Collider is set to debut in Dallas, with a 7 p.m. start at Bishop Arts bookshop and hangout The Wild Detectives on April 25. (Tickets are $10 each and doors open half-an-hour in advance.)Barker, who's now the artistic director of Story Collider, has been helping prime a group of five Dallas volunteers who've signed up to tell stories at the event, each one roughly 10 minutes long. Although she hosts Story Collider's podcast, a weekly showcase of stories told at live Story Collider events across the country, Barker doesn't make it to every in-person show herself; there are just too many. The Story Collider is on track to host more than 70 this year, up from 59 in 2018.  Continue reading...

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