School Shooting Dilemma for Parents: They Want Information About Threats That Authorities Can't Give

The threat scrawled in the middle school bathroom suggested a shooting was imminent. The Frisco ISD student who wrote it told authorities the graffiti was only a prank so he could get out of school. But worried parents who checked the boy's social media account that mid-December day weren't laughing after they saw a photo of the pre-teen holding a handgun and his profile that included the phrase "death before dishonor." District officials said appropriate action was taken against the student. But student privacy laws won't allow them to divulge specifics. Frisco police can't comment on juvenile matters either.So where does that leave anxious parents -- already on edge after last week's Florida school shooting that left 17 dead -- who are now learning the Frisco middle school student might return to campus before the end of the year? "That really just scares the crap out of us," said Frisco parent Hillary Boswell, who met this week with a group of like-minded moms from Griffin Middle School wanting assurances about their children's safety. "They just don't seem to be hearing that our concerns are really real," Boswell said of the district.  Continue reading...

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