Saving Dallas County Schools Will Save Our Districts Money on Buses

By now, you have probably heard one side of the story for what weighs in the balance for the vote on Dallas County Schools, which operates school buses for several districts in North Texas. As a DCS trustee, I want to present the other side for Proposition A.Any district is free to discontinue using the services of DCS at any time with a 30-day written notice. DCS does not have to be abolished for a district to choose a different transportation option. Abolishing DCS takes the choice away from all of the districts in Dallas County. All seven of the suburban districts served by DCS have expressed support for and satisfaction with the service.School districts that use DCS save millions of dollars in transportation costs, money that can be used for the education of children. The market value of transportation, as bid by private vendors, is more than 50 percent higher than the DCS bid, as evidenced by actual bids this year to school districts in Dallas County.  Continue reading...

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