‘Save Chick-Fil-A' Protest Held at Texas Capitol After Airports Turn Company Away for ‘anti-LGBTQ Behavior'

AUSTIN — Conservative Christians gathered at the Texas Capitol on Wednesday to urge support for two bills, backed by North Texas lawmakers, that would protect business owners who cite their faith to turn away certain customers. Dubbed "Save Chick-fil-A Day," the event was organized to protest the San Antonio City Council's decision to ban the fast-food chain from a local airport because of the business' stance on LGBT rights. Texas Values, a Christian advocacy group that's opposed greater rights for LGBT Texans, hosted a news conference to kick off the day."This Legislature — this House and this Senate — has an opportunity to hold the San Antonio City Council accountable and make it clear that you should not discriminate based on religious beliefs," Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz said. "Save Chick-fil-A and help us support religious freedom."  Continue reading...

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