Plano Library Removed, Then Reinstated, Lawrence Wright's ‘God Save Texas' From Club's Reading List

Members of a longtime book club at Plano's Parr Library say officials temporarily removed Lawrence Wright's God Save Texas from their reading list for being too political. Although it isn't on the library's online list of books that the Brown Bag Book Club will read this year, officials say it will be reinstated."There was a misunderstanding in the programming process," said director of libraries Libby Holtmann. "It's not a book ban because we don't do that as a library. We don't do that. This is a misunderstanding." Last fall, the library was praised for removing Holy Terror, a graphic novel by Frank Miller, from its collection. That book featured "anti-Muslim" content, according to the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations. God Save Texas is still on shelves at Plano's libraries.  Continue reading...

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