Passive-aggressive Bathroom Bill Corners Us Christians and Plays on Our Fears

Not sure if it's fear or the better part of wisdom, but I have kept my head down about what's going on in Austin, especially regarding this so-called bathroom bill. Honestly, it does my head in, and I don't know what to think. So, I've ignored it.Because to tell the truth, I'm torn, afraid, confused. I don't feel safe, don't feel heard. It's my own brand of that anomie we all feel, part of the angst that has made us all so angry and is tearing us apart. There's nothing special about my fear, of course. It's not more important than yours at all. But it is relevant to what's going on in Austin, and I think it helps to describe it.As a Christian parent, I feel cornered by what I sometimes see as an aggressive ideological agenda, a movement meaning to do more than merely protect civil rights, but rather to rehabilitate and indoctrinate. I feel I can only be called a bigot for being Christian, harassed for wanting simply to raise my children morally and ethically in the faith. Too steeped in Scripture and metaphysics, I have yet to accept those reinterpretations of Christianity that jettison traditional morality. And so, as a traditional believer, I feel I am under attack, my family and kids, too.  Continue reading...

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