One of the Most Important Homes Ever Built in Texas Is Right Here in Dallas — and It's for Sale

One of The Most Important Things Ever Built in Texas has gone on the market. And it's in Dallas ... well, surrounded by Dallas, actually, in University Park. But the man who designed it, a native son of the Panhandle prairie, officed in downtown Dallas in the 1920s and '30s. And although David Reichard Williams isn't a household name, his households are a permanent fixture on this state's landscape.Especially the one at 3805 McFarlin Boulevard, which was designed by one Williams (David) for another (then-University Park mayor Elbert Williams, no relation) in 1932. "A landmark!!" said realtor Allie Beth Allman by email this week. Deserves at least two exclamation marks.So does this: The Williams House, as it's known, has long been on Dallas preservationists' list of most-endangered properties.Allman has it on the market for $13.5 million, because as houses go, it's rather famous and quite beloved. A June 1937 Better Homes & Gardens spread featured the house beneath the headline "The Ranch-House Goes to Town." In 1983, the house made the Texas Society of Architects' list of the 20 most significant architectural achievements in this state's history. And a year later, it graced the cover of Southern Methodist University Press' biography of the Pioneer Architect.  Continue reading...

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