Oh Look! Here's the Vacant Lot Where Dallas City Hall Flushed $5M Chasing Trinity Toll Road

Monday night I was talking with a friend — let's call him pediatrician Chris Dreiling, M.D. — about the Trinity River toll road. We never discuss local politics, or, for that matter, pediatrics, and I was curious what, if anything, a busy family man with a thriving practice who's lived in east and northwest Dallas thought about the parkway project laid to rest a few weeks back. To which he replied he always figured it was going to die a "slow and ignominious death" as it was such a "deeply stupid" project. Reason I even brought it up was because only yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that, I'd driven past the lone visible reminder of the mountains of money squandered on the deeply stupid project — a giant patch of barren land on the west side of Stemmons Freeway between Mockingbird Lane and Commonwealth Drive.   Continue reading...

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