Not Everyone on Same Page at Rally Calling for Removal of Dallas' Confederate Memorials

A protest calling for the removal of downtown Dallas' Confederate War Memorial got heated Thursday evening when a group of counter-demonstrators interrupted the proceedings, turning the event into a shouting match.A few dozen protesters had gathered next to the monument at Pioneer Park Cemetery, near Dallas City Hall, where the 60-foot-high monument is ringed by statues depicting Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Confederate Generals Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee."These monuments pay homage to one thing and one thing only," said organizer Eric Ramsey of activist group In Solidarity. "Racism."In the near distance, eight men stood around a couple of Confederate flags. Several wore shirts reading "Sons of Confederate Veterans," a group that has opposed any tampering with Confederate monuments, calling them part of Dallas' - and America's - historical record.  Continue reading...

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