Mom-to-be Is So Angry at AT&T She Calls to Complain While Having a Baby

I am preparing my monthly report of complaints that The Watchdog sends to AT&T CEO/President/Chairman/Big Kahuna Randall Stephenson. But there was one emergency complaint that could not wait. I sent it to AT&T immediately upon receipt.What was it? A photograph of a woman in the hospital about to have a baby, calling AT&T for the umpteenth time to get her bill fixed.The frustrated look on elementary school guidance counselor Julie Thrift's face as she talks on her hospital room phone is one that I have seen on the faces of a thousand or more sad people lost in AT&T's customer service hell.Only those folks weren't going into labor.What's the story behind this photo? How does it come down to this: a race to fix her bill before her contractions get too painful? The latest saga in my #ShameATT campaign.  Continue reading...

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