MLK's Letter; Christians No Longer Make Sense; Robert Mueller, Bob Dylan

Editor's note: Because of the column published by Dallas Morning News publisher Grant Moise, this letters column is shorter than usual. All Americans should be concernedRe: "King's history isn't finished — 'Letter from a Birmingham Jail' is just as true now as it was in 1963, says Joshua J. Whitfield," March 31 Viewpoints.Thanks so much to Whitfield for his heartfelt and heartbreaking assessment of where our country is now in relation to where we were in 1963 when King wrote his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail."Though I don't totally agree with Whitfield's assertion that Christian speech on both left and right are equally at fault, he is certainly on target when he states that Christian language has "become subtly but substantially unchristian," which he says explains why we have no more prophets and why "Christians no longer make much sense to the world."His column is especially relevant given the front page story about the young unarmed black man recently shot and left to die by police in Sacramento. It seems from this and so many other similar stories that very little has changed in the 55 years since King's letter. All Americans, Christian and otherwise, should be very concerned, as Whitfield is, with the current state and the future of our nation.Karen Rosenthal, IrvingWhere is the evidence?Re: "What does Mark Davis know?" by Ben McCall, March 26 Letters.Davis knows what everyone knows: that, if Robert Mueller had even the slightest evidence of campaign wrongdoing, by now we would have wind of it on the front pages of every anti-Trump newspaper.With apologies to Bob Dylan, you don't need a journalist to know which way the wind blows. The headlines aren't blowin' in the wind.Ken Ashby, Dallas  Continue reading...

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