Mega March II Comes to Dallas, Hopes to Leave in One ‘peace'

Aqui vamos de nuevo!Loosely translated: Here we go again.Just like before, a massive march expected to draw tens of thousands of demonstrators, if not more, to the heart of Dallas on Sunday was started by students.The first Mega March, back in 2006, capped a series of animated protests inspired by a Duncanville High School junior, Gustavo Jimenez, who motivated thousands of Dallas-area students to walk out of classes to protest anti-immigration legislation in Washington.That torch was lighted again in February, after more than 1,000 Dallas ISD students jettisoned their classrooms to protest President Donald Trump's vow to crack down on unauthorized immigrants and ramp up deportations.This time, with Jimenez holding down a day job and out of the protest picture — at least as a front man — the call for a second Mega March came from Adan Gonzalez, an Adamson High School alum and current Harvard grad student who attended that first massive rally, which drew hundreds of thousands to downtown Dallas."I want action. I don't want just talk," said Gonzalez, 24. "I realized the only way to defeat fear is with hope, and we need symbolism. What motivated me was marching, at 13, in 2006, and just seeing and feeling that we're in it together."Here's what you should know about Gonzalez: The son of working-class parents - his father is a janitor and his mom is a mail clerk in a warehouse - Gonzalez earned an undergraduate degree in government from Georgetown University in 2015 and is poised to pick up a master's in education policy and management from Harvard next month.  Continue reading...

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