‘The Doors Are Open’: City Cooling Stations Are Ready as Heatwave Broils Dallas-Fort Worth

For those without a place to escape the heat during the day, a cooling station can be a lifesaver. Roberta Wilson, who was at the Salvation Army’s cooling station on Harry Hines Boulevard Thursday morning, said she especially worries about homeless people who have nowhere to go to get out of the heat.“People just wander around [outside],” Wilson said. “They wait until the last minute to get out of the heat."Then it’s too late, she said. In the neighborhoods around Parkland Memorial Hospital, Wilson said she has seen several homeless people suffer heat strokes recently. Fighting back tears, Wilson said her older brother also had a heat stroke. “It’s almost scary to come out here, it’s so hot,” she said, adding that she will often take a class at the Salvation Army’s homeless shelter just as an excuse to be out of the heat during the day.   Continue reading...

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