Letters: Tariffs on Mexico, Free Trade, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, Iran

We can have bothRe: "Senators, stop standing by," by Judy Wong, Wednesday Letters. In her letter, Judy Wong of Carrollton expressed frustration with leaders' reactions to President Donald Trump's proposed tariffs, which he did not put in place, on goods from Mexico.I agree with Wong that placing additional tariffs on Mexico — effectively a new tax on Texans — would have been a mistake. While it's important we secure our southern border, we must also keep in mind the critical role Mexico plays in our economy. Millions of Texas jobs rely on trade with Mexico, and imposing tariffs would jeopardize Texas families' financial well-being.We can have both border and economic security. It doesn't have to be one or the other, and this was the very message I communicated to the president.U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, AustinSuccess where others failedRe: "U.S. border talk is all wrong — Free trade can help solve shred issues of migration, drugs and crime," Sunday Points Q&A.This op-ed did not mention that Carlos Pascual was a Democrat, and served under Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. As I recall, both of these presidents took a public stand to stop illegal crossings on the southern border without any success. It appears that the threat of hitting Mexico in the pocketbook worked somewhat better than "negotiations" that seem to get nowhere. Sounds like a good strategy to me. Maybe we don't need a wall after all. It also appears that China and others don't do well at the negotiating table either. Try finding something that was not made in China these days. So what's a shrewd businessman, who happens to be president, to do to get us back in the game?Robert Ponti, Far North DallasMore suggestions for JohnsonRe: "Dear Eric Johnson, our next mayor: Here are 10 ways to make Dallas better," by Mark Lamster, Sunday Arts & Life column.Lamster nailed, for the most part, the pressing issues confronting our new mayor. I would add one more. Mayor Eric Johnson describes himself as a "uniter," and I would like to see him use that skill to consolidate the racially divided police associations in this city and to ensure safe, well-maintained low-income housing for low- to moderate-income residents. In addition to our crumbling sidewalks, our potholed streets also need immediate attention. And perhaps the strong voice of our mayor and City Council could put some pressure on Oncor and a few homeowners to keep the trees trimmed and away from these old power lines and aged transformers in the name of preventing some of the power outages that occur. Some of the crews from other states who came to help in the recent storm aftermath commented on the poorly maintained equipment they were asked to repair.Ellen Childress, DallasWe need more policeIn his open letter to our new mayor, Mark Lamster left out the most important thing needed to make Dallas a better city. We need more police officers — a lot more!All the housing, smooth sidewalks and streets, and great expansion projects won't help us folks trying to dodge the street racers and gang shootouts. It won't help while we cower in our homes to avoid the bullets from random gunfire. If we don't feel safe living in our own homes, nothing else really matters. If it continues to take ridiculous amounts of time for the police to respond to our calls for help, average citizens will move somewhere else. Then only the tourists, criminals and gangs will be left to enjoy the parks and theaters.Tina Sanchez, Dallas/Pleasant GroveA political ployRe: "Blasts blamed on Iran U.S. slams 'unprovoked attacks' on two tankers; Tehran denies any role," Friday news story.Government officials in the United States and Iran seem determined to send the Middle East up in flames — again. Hard-liners on both sides seem to have no interest in calming the waters. President Donald Trump, the "deal-maker," doesn't appear to want to make a deal. Why would he be saying and doing things that encourage a conflagration? Two reasons. One, it will nurture his macho self-image. The other, voters are not likely to turn a president out of office during a war. We've started a war in the Middle East recently for all the wrong reasons. Let's not do it again.Roger T. Quillin, Dallas/Lake HighlandsDon't act in hasteIt is all too recently that we experienced the rush to war based on half-truths and lies — a mistake that we are still paying dearly for in the Middle East. The alleged threats and misdeeds regarding Iran have a strong ring of familiarity. An interesting historical note: We have not changed presidents in the middle of a conflict unless the sitting president died. (Lyndon B. Johnson chose not to run.) Could this be a ploy by the current president to help ensure re-election?As the old saying goes: Act in haste, repent at leisure. And in this case, repent the loss of so many more young men and women for no good cause. If the current administration feels so strongly, he, his sons and daughters and his grandchildren can go first, along with the children of the senators and Congress members who support him.Karen M. Hopkins, Farmers BranchA thought on headlinesIt would be a positive change and welcomed by the majority of your readers if your headlines were more honest and accurate. The title accompanying this story about the two oil tankers that were attacked by an unknown party is patently dishonest. The headline should read: "Maniac in White House is Trying to Start a War With Iran". Please try to be more accurate in how you introduce news.Philip Scott, Dallas  Continue reading...

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