Letters: Shannon Wynne, South Dallas, Dallas Police, Congressional Democrats, Texas Women's Hall of Fame

Kudos to the good guysRe: "Pouring his heart into affordable homes - Wynne's focus shifts to turning rundown landmarks into housing," by Robert Wilonsky, Wednesday Metro & State column.Just read the column on Shannon Wynne. I really enjoy Wilonsky's columns -- he's good, very good. I am pleased Wynne is trying to make a difference. Housing and Urban Development will never do anything since they are often run by people who end up stealing funds. As long as I'm handing out accolades, I would like to say I'm sorry to see Mike Rawlings go as mayor. I think he has made a difference. I was not prepared to like him or support him because of his payday loan background, but he has proved to be one of the good guys. I hope he stays involved. I would like to invite him to become a member of Wilshire Baptist Church since it has a lot of good guys on board.Lynnda Bass-Allen, HeathFirst Baptist could have helpedDallas has been moving at a snail's pace for years in renewing South Dallas by building affordable housing and apartments, free of roaches and rats, as well as on other real-time needs. Wouldn't it be wonderful if First Baptist Dallas and Dr. Robert Jeffress had offered their $35 million, now dedicated to the expansion of their Family Life Center, as seed money for those needing affordable housing and other things that so many of us take for granted? What a lesson for their children and young adults as to what Christ meant when commissioning us to care for and uplift needy and oppressed people.Paula B. Dardaganian, RichardsonTry fighting a fireRe: "Pension woes multiply for first responders - Dallas system's malinvestment, extravagant benefits underline challenges of failed U.S. retirement strategy," by Brooks Hamilton and Dennis McCuistion, Tuesday Viewpoints.Until Hamilton and McCuistion remove their silk suits and give up their seven-figure incomes, don firefighting gear (or put on a badge) and crawl on their bellies into blackness and tolerate the heat and punishment required to extinguish a fire (or make a late-night traffic stop), they are just a pair of Mayor Mike Rawling's toadies.Phil Ruzicka, KaufmanPolice deserve citizen reviewRe: "Review board debate is thorny - After Botham Jean's killing, discussion of citizens panel highlights political tension," Tuesday Metro & State story.The Dallas Police Department and every other police department in the country works for the citizens, derives their living from the citizens and must be accountable to the citizens. To leave review of police activities to an internal review board is unfair to the police because it raises the very real possibility of a conflict of interest charge being brought against them. It is unfair to the citizens because it makes the police unaccountable to the very people they are charged to protect and defend.Rev. John D Zeigler, DentonDemocrats are a bunch of socialistsYour Texas duo of Beto O'Rourke and Julian Castro belong to a party that should frighten any American. The new Democratic darlings in Congress don't believe in using a Bible to swear in with. They believe in supporting Palestine, which is a support of Hamas and terrorists. They also believe in sending billions overseas, but what about the security of our country? Not to mention that potty mouth woman, a U.S. representative from Michigan, who called our president a blank. I'm really proud of them. They're all a bunch of socialists in my opinion.Harry Bomberger, Flower MoundTexas senators are cowardsAmong the things I love most in this world are my 2- and 4-year-old grandchildren. Although I want to give them everything their little hearts desire, I know that when they throw little tantrums, I can't give in and reward that behavior for they surely will use the tactic again and again. We need to recognize that our president is not a reasonable person; he is essentially a spoiled brat and the shutdown is just about him winning. Adults in the Republican Party need to recognize this, act like adults and stop enabling him. I consider our two senators among the greatest political cowards for never, ever challenging the child in the White House.Robert Barrese, DallasU.S. cybersecurity is crucialRather than funding a steel-slatted wall that has been shown quite capable of being sawed through, how about $5.7 billion to safeguard U.S. computer systems? Russia and China have been hacking away at us for quite some time and now North Korea and others may join in the fray. This will help the country with security everywhere.Marilyn Voyles, PlanoPut achievements on front page Re: "Perseverance, strength, passion - Bush, Biles, Shults among 7 honored," Jan. 8 Metro & State story.This is a very interesting, newsworthy and historical article on seven Texans being inducted into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame. These women should inspire everyone to lead, work hard and inspire. I just can't figure out why this was not on the front page of the Metro section. My guess is a male editor chose the stories for the front page.Diane Parker, Oak Leaf  Continue reading...

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