Letters: Scott Griggs, Laura Miller, National Emergency, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn

Story makes omissionsRe: "Questions add up over fund reports — Old filings raise issue about donations from developer to Griggs," Feb. 7 news story.Your recent story regarding my campaign finance reports has me concerned and I am alarmed by the omissions you've made in presenting the facts. I first ran for office in 2010 and have accepted hundreds of contributions since then. I have never accepted an illegal campaign contribution. I accept full responsibility for the 10 clerical errors you discovered. I have amended my reports and I am correcting the mistakes. I have never knowingly accepted contributions from minor children because, while legal, they don't meet my ethical standards. I returned four contributions from minor children on the day I verified that these contributions were accepted. I returned two more contributions from minor children on Feb. 5, immediately upon finding them and before they were reported. Your piece insinuates that I must have known that these contributions came from children. This is false and you present only conjecture to support this opinion. Implying otherwise is beneath the high standards of The DMN. I acted quickly. This is where I take issue with your story. It takes 10 paragraphs before you mention all I did. Even then, you mischaracterize my actions as a "vague Facebook post." Setting aside that subjective judgment is out of place in a news item, there is nothing vague. I am clear: I found money donated by minors and I returned it. If this article was intended to reflect a genuine concern for transparency in campaign finance reporting, my swift and decisive response would have been highlighted. Instead, it is buried suggesting that this is an opportunistic attempt to raise questions about my character. When judging my character, I would hope both you and Dallas voters would weigh my proven record of service as a council member more heavily than a few scattered examples of honest mistakes which I quickly addressed.Scott Griggs, DallasMiller nixed Cowboys stadiumRe: "Miller will run against Gates — Former mayor to face 3-term incumbent in race for District 13," Saturday news story.Laura Miller's claim to represent Dallas is a sham as she runs for a City Council seat. Remember as mayor she ran off the Cowboys' proposal to build a stadium at Fair Park, which would have revitalized that whole area and generated millions in income for the city of Dallas. Miller does not understand how to build city government as she only knows how to be an obstructionist.Elmer Corbin Powell Jr., Oak CliffMiller opposes changeLaura Miller, in her quest to unseat Jennifer Staubach Gates in District 13 claims, "The homeowners in our area are under siege by developers, who are fully supported by our councilwoman without regard to traffic, pedestrian and parking problems. And the homeowners need an advocate, and I'm happy to be their advocate."Miller is not an expert on development, but she is an expert on opposing change. Recall her mistake opposing the Dallas Cowboys stadium in downtown Dallas. She is the ideal example of "Not In My Backyard."I live in the near vicinity of Preston Center and anyone familiar with this area knows it desperately needs redevelopment. Except of course Miller. Let's hope the citizens of Dallas don't make a second mistake and vote for her. Laura, go home!Guy Mercurio, DallasNo way is Trump seriousRe: "Trump declares emergency — Trump's wall move splits Republicans," Saturday news story.There is no way that any serious CEO, general or other leader would declare a national emergency, then board a plane to go play golf. Unbelievable!Michael Smith, DentonTexas senators fail ConstitutionOur senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, have been notably silent on President Donald Trump's declaration of a national emergency after having failed to obtain funding for a border wall through the appropriations process. This is particularly evident in the case of Cruz, who has made his reputation through a self-proclaimed commitment to protection of the Constitution and in particular its separation of powers. Cruz has been quick to call out perceived violations of the constitutional order when Democrats have been his targets, yet claims that he stands for a position independent of partisan politics. I ask that both senators act swiftly to make their opposition to the president's actions clear and unequivocal. This is a clear infringement of the executive upon the legislative power and neither would stand for it if the president were a Democrat. Failure to speak up and take action at this critical moment means, I think, that we should not listen to either on constitutional matters in the future, for they apparently only care about the Constitution as a means to criticize their opponents, not to protect our liberties. I hope I am wrong.Daniel Wickberg, North Oak CliffProof it's a bogus 'emergency'Oh my gosh! A national emergency! Where is our president? Vacationing with his wife and billionaire friends at his golf course in West Palm Beach to golf, have fun and spend taxpayer money! Such a bogus "emergency!"Sandy Elkins, PlanoGuns are the real emergencyThe president claims we have a national emergency at our southern border, and to that end we need drastic measures to fulfill his campaign promise of building a wall. But we have an even greater emergency in gun violence in this country, so where is the president's outcry on this public health issue? That is truly a national emergency. Right up there with public health insurance.We need a leader who is less concerned about his image and more concerned with the real safety of our country.John Crawley, Dallas, M Streets  Continue reading...

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