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Tiger Woods' achievement I don't care if Donald Trump is president. Tiger Woods has won the Masters and set the world aright.Kathy Hazard, CarrolltonSchultz story intrigues meRe: "Don't discount the desire for change," by Brendan Miniter, Sunday Points.I was going to pass over the Sunday Points article about an unknown person named Howard Schultz. But I was intrigued by the writer's ability to garner my attention after only a few sentences.He showed me a man who started out as many successful people do — on the wrong side of the tracks — but learned quickly how to move up and bring others up with him while making a better life for himself.Now I have to read Schultz's book, From the Ground Up, and see how this man might be able to lead our nation. After all, isn't this the person who convinced the country that it needed a $4 cup of coffee to start each day?Mary Mallardi, Far North DallasBuck the systemHoward Schultz sounds like the ideal candidate if we were electing a benevolent dictator. But we're not — we are electing the head of the executive branch. Electing Schultz will not bring about change in Washington. His election will only maintain the culture of obstruction and resistance in our government. What Schultz needs to do to bring about real change is to recruit a few hundred like-minded folks to run for Congress as a coalition or new party — The Bucks, as in bucking the system. As leader he can be the star buck. The buckaroos will run on a platform of change and accountability as in the buck stops here. The Bucks promise to be accountable to the people not the special interest crowds in D.C. Unfortunately, I doubt Schultz will be reading this letter but my advice to him is to follow the advice of Hillary Clinton who said, "It takes a village." Establish the village of Buckville and offer the American voter a full cup of potential star Bucks. I would look forward to a real choice with the possibility of real change in the culture of Washington. Go Bucks!!!Ted Gold, PlanoEnd of an eraRe: "WW II Doolittle Raider," Wednesday Obituary.I noted with great sadness the passing of Lt. Col Dick Cole, the last of the Doolittle Raiders. About the time I entered the Navy, I started scanning the obituaries for those in the World War II era. I grew up in Waco during the '50s and '60s when the Twelfth Air Force and James Connally Air Force Base were there. My parents had many friends who were colonels along with the many uncles who were veterans. I often listened to their stories. I wanted nothing more than to duplicate their exploits, thus my choice of career as a naval aviator. While scanning for these stories, I would happen across those of the women of the age who lived through this era. What I discovered was the fortitude and the strength of the people of that age and I hope I've taken those lessons as my own. As the years passed, the number of World War II veterans and those who survived the Great Depression and then the war years, thinned. I began to notice stories of Korean veterans and these have started slow, to be followed by those who fought in Vietnam. The lessons of the past are important and critical, for future generations and the continuation of the country. All generations have stories that should be told. I believe Cole's generation was one of the greatest.Jay Martin, Pilot PointDirk demonstrated loveSir Paul McCartney said it best. Having watched the retirement ceremony of NBA great and superstar Dirk Nowitzki, I can only think of the quote from Sir Paul. He said, "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." What a perfect way to sum up the career of Dirk who played for only one team, the Dallas Mavericks. Having given love to the game, the NBA, the franchise and to all team members and the community of Dallas, he now retires with the love of all of the above mentioned. Thanks, Dirk Nowitzki. There will never be another No. 41 in Dallas. You were the best!Don Halasz, PlanoDon't overlook ModanoIf the city entertains the idea of renaming any street around American Airlines Center, my hope is that they think long and hard about also giving homage and credit to the Dallas Stars by honoring Mike Modano. He made just as big as an impact on professional hockey and Dallas as Dirk Nowitzki has on basketball. Do not pick just one, but honor two outstanding players who we may not see the caliber of again. They gave their best to the city of Dallas and their fans.Bonnie R. Watt, Dallas/Casa ViewExtend deadlines for DirkWe were so disappointed Wednesday morning (April 10) when we opened our Dallas Morning News to see only a fan story on the front page. We live in Grapevine, but still, it seems that you could have made the effort to extend your deadlines to include Dirk Nowitzki's announcement of his retirement. We also take the Star-Telegram, which had the entire story with photos. We know about the recap on Sunday, but that's not the same. This was big news!Harriet Blake, GrapevineMake baseball betterHere's how to speed up baseball: 1. Once a batter is in the batter's box he cannot step out or he will be given a strike. 2. Once a pitcher has his foot on the rubber he cannot step back or batter is awarded a ball. 3. No pick off plays. 4. Runners may not lead off or leave the base until the ball leaves the pitcher's hand or the base runner is called out. While we are at it, get rid of spitting.Dale Janota, Gillette, Wyo.  Continue reading...

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