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Employers take advantageRe: "'These are families' — Hundreds of workers arrested at technology business," Thursday news story.I did not find anything in this article about the employer that hired these undocumented workers. Lucina Martinez has been in the United States for 19 years and has raised two sons who are currently in high school. Before all the anti-immigrant folks get started, take a look at the cost of applying to become a citizen ($725) or applying for a green card ($1,125) to work here legally. Note: These are application fees only. Do the math using the $8 an hour she gets paid and don't forget she is the sole provider for herself and two teenage sons. In the words of John Fugelsang (Google him): "We can't fix immigration until employers take down the huge, neon help wanted sign."Bonnie Mathias, Dallas/Pleasant GroveProfiting from exploitationIt seems like anything goes for those who write the headlines to extract sympathy for those who have come to this country illegally. The question is simply: Are they criminal? The purchase of illegal documents puts them on shaky ground. As for the employers that hire these so-called migrants, they have avenues to verify citizenship. May there be a pox on their house to profit from this exploitation. Fess up, Dallas Morning News, you have turned liberal under the guise of concern. But we still like your paper.Charles E. Miller, RockwallAmplifying nationalism President Donald Trump declaring the country full echoes many Americans' thoughts. Isn't that the belief underlying nationalism: that there are already enough foreigners? Isn't that at the heart of all the issues with immigration, asylum-seekers, Dreamers, sanctuary cities, naturalization avenues, the fear-mongering and all the rest?Nevermind its illogical, emotionally driven appeal, Trump's declaration homes in on fears: fears of displacement, loss, instability, insecurity and being disrespected and used that are the roots of the nationalism and populism movements.With his simple declaration, hasn't Trump cut to the heart of what his supporters believe? Aren't those the very words his supporters think and say to one another and the reason they believe in him and support him — and will re-elect him? Isn't he their guy because he represents their core belief the "country is full"?Brian Baldwin, Dallas/Oak LawnIllegal immigration is a drainWe must put a halt to people entering the country without legal permission or entering legally and overstaying their visas. There are skilled U.S. citizens who could do the job if given a chance. Illegal immigration is a drain on the economy and schools; it causes higher medical and other costs beyond sustainable rates. U.S. citizens must be relieved of this burden that elected officials repeatedly fail to address. No more taxpayer money, taxpayer-funded education, housing, medical care or jobs for unauthorized immigrants! Get our country off the not so merry-go-round.John David Floyd, Murfreesboro, Tenn.Protect homeland from TrumpRe: "Protect our homeland," by Bob Wallis, Friday Letters.It is absurd to talk about border security when we have a president who grants security clearance to dozens of family and friends who can't pass basic security clearance; who conducts national business at his private club where the only clearance for guests is the price of admission that goes to his pocket; who meets without staff with the dictators of adversarial countries; and more. Unfortunately the greatest threat to the republic is the current president.Kenneth Peck, Far North DallasHow churches helpRe: "Why aren't churches helping?" by Jay W. Julian Jr., Sunday Letters.My pet peeve is people who write letters to the editor saying that "churches should do more." Upon what do they base their judgment? I suggest these folks, rather than look at the outside of a church, join a church — volunteer, tithe, learn exactly what that church does.Yes, my church has just opened a new building, a family center, designed with specific space for activities for special needs individuals in our community, and yes, a gymnasium for young people in our community. My church actively participates in City Square projects both financially and with volunteers, sends some 700 young people from underprivileged areas to a week of camp each summer and follows up with them... . I could go on. Bottom line, get involved with a church and its charitable activities before you critiqueBarbara Wiskow, DallasSkirting Paxton's felony countsSen. Angela Paxton filed Senate Bill 860 that would allow her husband, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, to issue exemptions from securities regulations. The bill would allow approved individuals to serve as investment advisers without registering with the state board — a felony under Texas law that the attorney general was charged with in 2015. He was charged with two felony counts of securities fraud after acquiring tens of thousands of dollars in fees for soliciting clients even though he was not registered, much less state board certified. The proposed bill would not only prevent prosecution, it would also empower Ken Paxton to decide who can skirt state securities law. In essence, his past felony convictions would be dropped, allowing him to decide state licensure and registration, a power his office currently, by law, does not possess. Thus, fellow Texans, call your legislators, representatives and senators alike, and tell them to vote against Senate Bill 860.Roshin Rowjee, LufkinVeterinary care is crucialAs an animal advocate involved in rescue and animal shelters for over 20 years, I see firsthand every day the positive impact that having low-cost veterinary care available makes in the lives of pets and their families. Not only are these services used by individual families, but also by many rescue groups, where spay and neuter wouldn't be possible without a nonprofit veterinary organization. Having access to these services is vital to the community. Limiting or removing these services would have devastating long-term effects on Texas. Texas is woefully behind in the nation in terms of achieving no-kill and in its efforts to stop the euthanasia of abandoned pets. The real question is: Why was House Bill 3806 even proposed, state Rep. Drew Springer? This is a travesty.Pam Gerritsen, Bastrop  Continue reading...

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