Lawmaker, Restaurant: White Nationalist Group Duped Us

AUSTIN -- A state lawmaker and a landmark Austin restaurant say a coalition of alt-right organizations determined to celebrate their white nationalist agenda in Austin misled them into cooperating to make the events happen.Calling themselves "Tomorrow Belongs to Texas," a set of organizations that promote white identity politics, presented themselves as a veterans' group to get permission to host a rally at the state Capitol and a dinner at a nearby restaurant."We were lied to," said Rep. Matt Schaefer, a Tyler Republican who explained how he unknowingly sponsored the white rights event and quickly rescinded his support. Ken Reed, a self-identified white nationalist from Houston who was among the event organizers, said there was no intention to mislead anyone about the rally. And he called Schaefer's reneging on the sponsorship "insane and discriminatory.""I don't like the term misled, but we also know that us wanting a platform to speak about these issues, we know that we aren't allowed, that there isn't a level playing field," Reed said.  Continue reading...

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