Kevin Felder Is Just the Latest Dallas Council Member to Show Arrogance in Office

If this were a television show, Kevin Felder’s past couple of weeks would be the latest episode in a series titled, “City Council members gone wild.” And here’s the plot. A city council member’s behavior escalates a minor incident into a serious legal issue, and the councilman doesn’t acknowledge a role in the conflict.Felder has been mum since a run-in with a teenager on a scooter earlier this month led to an arrest warrant for allegedly leaving the scene of the accident. He surrendered to police Tuesday morning and faces a charge of accident involving injury, a third-degree felony.Felder has the legal right to decline comment, but as a sitting council member in the midst of a re-election campaign, he also an obligation to publicly address issues of public trust and respect. Felder could have handled matters differently, waiting for police to arrive and publicly explaining his side of the scooter incident.  Continue reading...

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