Jack Ruby's Handwritten Version of What Happened on Nov. 22, 1963, Goes to Auction

Jack Ruby has a story he would like to tell you. It's a familiar one, achingly so. But more than likely, you have never heard it told this way — by the man himself, in the words of the nightclub owner, the assassin of the assassin. And, better still, they are in his own handwriting.The outline, told to the Warren Commission and, later, a Dallas jury, remains the same; so, too, the names dropped like water out of an overfilled bucket. Mourning at Congregation Shearith Israel, visiting with Rabbi Hillel Silverman. Ordering sandwiches from the namesake of Phil's Delicatessen on Oak Lawn. Calling Gordon McLendon, owner of radio station KLIF, and his DJ Russ Knight, better known as The Weird Beard. Getting District Attorney Henry Wade to go on the radio hours after President John F. Kennedy was shot to death in Dealey Plaza.But spread across 24 pages seldom seen in public — 24 pages going to auction for only the third time since the 1960s — the old story's more complete, more than just testimony. It's a short story now, scrawled by the Carousel Club's owner in a Dallas jail cell while he awaited the second trial he never lived to see.  Continue reading...

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