Instacart Has Added H-E-B as an Online Grocery Option in Select Dallas-Fort Worth Zip Codes

Instacart is taking a step into Dallas-Fort Worth that H-E-B hasn't yet. The online grocery shopping and delivery service has added H-E-B as a local option in some D-FW Zip codes. So while the popular and largest Texas-based grocer hasn't opened H-E-B stores in the most densely populated parts of D-FW, Instacart is bringing it here through deliveries. The shopping service's employees can purchase from any store for its Instacart members and recently added H-E-B locally. So far, Oak Cliff's 75208 is confirmed. An Instacart spokeswoman said she's gathering the other Zip codes. (Check back.) And H-E-B is fine with it. "We are pleased the Instacart customer in select D-FW Zip codes has both H-E-B and Central Market as choices when they shop for distinctive food items," said Jackson Mabrie, spokeswoman for Central Market in Dallas. Instacart is H-E-B's partner for online grocery deliveries in other Texas cities and in D-FW from Central Market stores. Central Market's curbside pickup orders are filled by Central Market store staffers and the company has built dedicated areas insiden and out of its store for its curbside business.It's not clear how fulfillment will be carried out. Instacart hasn't yet responded about the logistics. Regular shoppers at Central Market's six local stores in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano and Southlake, know it stocks a lot of H-E-B branded groceries on the shelf next to specialty brands including canned goods and frozen foods.And the retailer's closest H-E-B store to Dallas is 20 miles south in Waxahachie. Some Dallas residents have been making the trip to stock up on some of the chain's private label foods.Oak Cliff residents on social media were talking about it Tuesday evening as they noticed the H-E-B icon as an option on their Instacart pages.H-E-B opened a store in May west of Fort Worth in Hudson Oaks and last year remodeled and expanded its Burleson store. Other stores on the Fort Worth side of the region are in Granbury and Cleburne. H-E-B owns dozens of parcels around the D-FW region, but hasn't committed to opening stores in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant and other counties that make up the metro area. The family and employee owned and operated company moves at it's own pace and is highly regarded in the grocery industry as an innovator.Twitter: @MariaHalkias  Continue reading...

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