In Dallas Trans Woman's Slaying, Heartbreaking Echoes of a 2015 Cold Case

As temperatures again began to stretch toward 100 degrees on July 29, 2015, Dallas police were called to a vacant field along a short residential street between Stemmons Freeway and Harry Hines Boulevard.Someone had found a corpse that had been left for so long beneath the summer's sun investigators were unable to determine the victim's race. The body had only faded tattoos, among them a heart bearing the name "Willie" on the right shoulder and the name "Shade" inked on the right calf. When police issued a press release a week later, they said the deceased wore a blue-and-white cotton tube top with straps, blue shorts, a black wig, sunglasses. Also: "The victim had false fingernails with what appeared to be diamond studs on them with pink tips."Cops, too, identified the corpse as male. And in the days that followed, that would become a point of much dispute between police and transgender-rights activists who added the name Shade Schuler to the list of transgender women killed in Dallas.  Continue reading...

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