In Collin County Murder-for-hire Trial, State Calls on Experts to Prove Man Gave Killer Details for Hit

McKINNEY — DNA analysis. Gunshot wound diagrams. Fingerprint evaluation.Expert witnesses took the stand in a Collin County murder-for-hire trial Wednesday, unraveling in detail various minutiae related to a McKinney man's 2015 slaying. The state’s attorney called each expert to the stand, slowly building a case against Stephen Brockway, who prosecutors say orchestrated the shooting death of Richard Moore, 66. Ronald Rosser was convicted earlier this year of shooting Moore to death as he stepped out of the shower in his bathroom. Brockway, authorities say, is the man who hired him to carry out the crime.Prosecutor Thomas Ashworth on Wednesday continued laying out his argument that Brockway, Moore’s former best friend, hired Rosser while Brockway was having an affair with Moore’s wife, Chansamorn Pokai.   Continue reading...

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