How America Can Rebuild Trust in Business, One Company at a Time

A majority of people across the world are "distrusters" of the "mainstream institutions of business, government, media and NGOs," according to the 2017 Trust Barometer published by public relations firm Edelman. The relative economic stagnation following the 2008 global financial crisis, combined with the rise in income inequality globally, have created a feeling that the "system is rigged," the report states.Edelman's report found that: "The trust collapse has moved beyond a simple class vs. mass problem to a systemic threat. More than three-quarters of respondents among both informed and general populations agree that the system is biased against regular people and favors the rich and powerful."The problem, however, lies in thinking of all business as an "institution." There is an important distinction between the business community and the community of business leaders. Earning the trust of the American people is not the responsibility of the entire private sector. Business is tough enough! Let me focus my business on, first, staying in business. As part of that effort, I will focus on earning trust in my business. That challenge I will gladly take on.  Continue reading...

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