Highland Park Police Won't Stop You for Going a Mile Over the Speed Limit, Despite What Greg Abbott Says

Gov. Greg Abbott is facing criticism — including from the Highland Park Police Department — after answering a question about the potential for racial profiling near the Mexican border by talking about white motorists being pulled over in some of Texas' wealthiest areas.Speaking with reporters during a wide-ranging briefing on the 2017 legislative session on Tuesday, Abbott pointed to Highland Park and Memorial Villages — a wealthy six-city Houston enclave — saying that, because of strict policing, "most of the people who get pulled over there are Anglo."He continued: "In each of those high-end, real estate locations, you're going to find a greater law-enforcement presence. You're going to find, if you go into the Villages in Houston, Texas, that if you go one mile an hour over the speed limit, you're going to get pulled over."Abbott's "key point," he said, was that "people want to live in and do business in places where there's law enforcement presence."  Continue reading...

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