Here's Why Your Car's Temperature Sensor Is Probably Wrong About How Hot It Is Outside

Dallas-Fort Worth hit 100 degrees Monday, but it was 108 if you believe the dashboard readout of one Carrollton reader's Chevrolet Camaro. Although heat index values this summer have reached 108 or higher, Dallas-Fort Worth hasn’t hit 108 since July 2018, according to the National Weather Service. The hottest day of the year so far was Aug. 13, when the area hit 102 degrees.It’s not uncommon for vehicles to display inaccurate temperatures because most cars have thermistors, not thermometers, according to The Washington Post. What’s the difference? Whereas thermometers use mercury to measure temperature, thermistors read the change in electrical current of heat that is gained or lost, The Post reports. Manufacturers often install thermistors in vehicles because they’re cheaper than thermometers.  Continue reading...

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