Here’s the Secret to Why Plano Is the ‘happiest City in America’

No offense to the granddaddy of Collin County boomtowns, but my first reaction when I heard that Plano was named the happiest city in America was, You’ve got to be kidding.I couldn’t imagine what makes Plano jollier than any other North Texas suburb -- especially given that I’ve talked to plenty of residents in recent months who are fed up with its dizzying rate of development or just plain angry at their local elected officials.Gimmicky “best and worst” monikers bestowed on cities are more sizzle than substance. Wallethub, responsible for Plano’s “happiest cities” designation, regularly churns out these rankings. Among recent ones: best cities for college basketball fans, fattest cities and best cities for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations.But making the top of the right list is marketing gold for City Hall, meaning you'll hear about it a lot. That’s why, as your loyal Metro columnist, I felt obliged to look into “why Plano?”I talked to cheerful people in the city who told me all the standard reasons. Downtown Plano’s small-town vibe was at the top of some lists. So was the abundance of food options, green spaces, trails, dog parks, nature preserves and libraries.  Continue reading...

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