He Survived 8 Years as a U.S. Translator in Afghanistan — Then Got Shot 5 Times in Far East Dallas

Mahir Ahmad Amiri is in a room at Baylor University Medical Center. He has been there since the end of last year, after he was shot five times while working along a dangerous stretch of Far East Dallas. Until recently he could breathe only with the help of a ventilator. His 28-year-old wife Zahra says her husband does not know why he is in the hospital.Mahir was born 32 years ago in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital. For eight of those years, he risked his life as a translator for the U.S. military. Then he brought his wife and family to the U.S., believing he would be safe here.Today he cannot cannot move from his neck down, cannot hold the three young children who come see him at the hospital and will likely never walk again."Heartbreaking," said Mahir's wife. "Heartbreaking," said his 53-year-old father Shir, a tailor from Kabul. They spoke through a translator, but they didn't need to at that moment. The devastation was plain on their faces.  Continue reading...

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