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Police should join studentsRe: " 'All over again' — Police mourn another colleague killed in the line of duty ," Thursday news story.This article reports another Dallas policeman killed in the line of duty. Based on this incident and others like it recently, it seems to me that police officers around the country should be joining the kids in their efforts to get some kind of sane gun laws on the books.Tom Naylor, North DallasPence appearance offensiveRe: "Pence to deliver keynote — VP will headline forum during next month's NRA convention," Wednesday Metro & State story.OK, #NeverAgain kids, do you feel like the vice president's appearance at the National Rifle Association convention is a slap in the face? I did. The "guns to everyone" bunch has their money distributed everywhere. Why do I get ridiculous non-responses when I write my representatives? The NRA contributions to my representatives includes Pete Sessions, $158,111; Ted Cruz, $77,450; and John Cornyn, $59,635. They are selling their souls for contributions. Its gonna be hard, kids, but hang in there. Our lives are at stake.Arthur Cooper, RichardsonConsider the city, not districtsRe: "Statue debate returns — Confederate monuments' fate is up in the air," Wednesday news story.How troubling to a taxpayer! On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council voted to set a decision for a later date. The cost of the abrupt removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in 2017 was over $400,000, charged to a squeezed city budget. We see city repairs that should be paid from current tax income that are instead funded by debt. The city's indebtedness is not readily available information, even when asked of Council members or budget writers. How much bond debt do we have? While I can appreciate the reason to request removal of these statues, shouldn't our focus financially be to adequately fund a better pay scale for our police and fire departments? Shouldn't we spend some money on parks and recreation centers in neighborhoods across our city?The time is now for our City Council to realize their responsibility is to more than just the residents of the district from which they come. The foundation for Dallas' growth in the past 30 years was laid by the leaders of the 1950s and '60s. Yes, some of their actions reflected segregation prejudice, but generally they viewed policy to benefit the city at large. Can't our present City Council do this?Marvin Noble, North DallasHow about Old City Park?If the Dallas City Council is looking for the perfect educational site or museum for the Confederate memorial, let's not forget about Dallas' own Old City Park. As part of the Heritage Village at Old City Park, the memorial would be displayed in context with the Millermore mansion that was built by slaves, a cabin lived in by the slaves and shotgun style houses that were built by freed slaves.Additional plaques and signage could be prepared explaining the Civil War, the Confederacy, slavery, the Emancipation Proclamation, Juneteenth and the 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Brochures could be created and used to educate school groups and the public. If the goal is to remove all links to Dallas' racist past, let's not forget about Dallas' Old City Park.Richard Lynch, Dallas/Red BirdWhere are the 'best people'It is entirely possible that in return for his clean bill of health that he had given the president, Dr. Ronny Jackson was nominated for the head of the Veterans Affairs Department. Unfortunately for Jackson but fortunately for the American public, his bizarre behavior and possibly illegal activities came back to haunt him. Where, oh where, are those "best people " we were promised?Judy Winkler, Richardson  Continue reading...

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