Gov. Abbott Calls Dallas DA's Justice Reform Plan ‘socialism,' ‘wealth Redistribution' in Tweets

Gov. Greg Abbott is blasting the Dallas County district attorney's plan to decriminalize low-level offenses and decrease the use of excessive probation and bail, calling some of the measures "wealth redistribution by theft."Days after District Attorney John Creuzot released new guidelines to reform Dallas County's criminal justice system, Abbott tweeted Sunday that the plan makes stealing okay and is akin to socialism."If someone is hungry they can just steal some food," Abbott tweeted Sunday night, linking to an editorial from The Dallas Morning News that was critical of the plan. "If cold, steal a coat. Where does it end? It's wealth redistribution by theft."He added to the comments an hour later, quoting a responding tweet that suggested such thefts arose from need."You and others reveal that STEALING is ok when people want things. ... That's socialism," Abbott said. He said the state offers programs such as the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to help the poor.Creuzot responded to the governor's tweets Monday afternoon, pointing out that a first assistant to Creuzot's predecessor, Faith Johnson, who was appointed by Abbott, said the changes were a positive step.  Continue reading...

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