Fran Lebowitz Shows Postponed After Flood at Wyly Theatre

New York humorist Fran Lebowitz, booked for the Wyly Theatre for shows on Friday and Saturday night, won't be coming after all — through no fault of her own.A malfunction in the fire suppression system flooded the main area of the 10-story theater complex Friday afternoon, forcing postponement of the Lebowitz show and putting a cloud over other upcoming engagements."It happened during a test of the fire alarm system," said Chris Heinbaugh, an executive with the AT&T Performing Arts Center. "This was an outside vendor, testing the fire alarm. There ended up being a malfunction in the fire suppression system, which in the Wyly is a large pipe. So it ended up dumping an enormous amount of water into the Potter Rose Performance Hall, which is the main stage, which then drained out further and caused some damage inside. And so, we are in the midst of working on that."It was, he said, a considerable amount of water, "and it's dirty water."Heinbaugh said the Lebowitz show will definitely be rescheduled, "since it was close to being sold out."Decisions on other events, such as Wiesenthal, scheduled to begin Wednesday, have yet to be made. Wiesenthal is part of the center's Off Broadway on Flora series and is being presented in association with the Dallas Holocaust Museum. "We'll know more about that tomorrow [Saturday]," said Heinbaugh, noting that Wiesenthal could be moved to another venue with the center. "We just don't know right now, and we don't want to concern people either. If it's something we can work around and address, then great."Heinbaugh said patrons can visit for new alerts and additional information.  Continue reading...

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