Former Co-worker Hits Deion Sanders With Defamation Suit for Comments Made to TMZ

A former co-worker at a Dallas charter school has sued former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders for defamation, a year after Sanders called him a "real life grifter" to celebrity gossip website TMZ.John Darjean, a former employee at Focus Learning Academy, filed the lawsuit Thursday in Dallas County, stating that Sanders' comments caused him "extreme mental anguish, public humiliation and embarrassment," and that his work as a public speaker has been impacted.Efforts to reach Sanders on Friday were unsuccessful.Darjean has another suit pending against Sanders and his ex-wife, Pilar, which is set to go to trial in October. According to that lawsuit, in September 2015, Darjean suffered severe injuries after being assaulted by Sanders' son, Shilo, at Focus Learning Academy. The incident happened when Darjean tried to confiscate a cellphone after he caught Shilo using it during the school day, the suit said.  Continue reading...

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