Flashback: R.L. Thornton's ‘Books for Servicemen Day' Netted More Than 4,000 Volumes for Texans Overseas

Wednesday is Book Lover's Day, and some of the biggest book lovers in 1953 were U.S. servicemen overseas. Dallas Mayor R. L. Thornton, who served from 1953 to 1961, declared a "Books for Servicemen" day in memory of fallen Pfc. Douglas E. Humphrey, who had requested more reading material before his death in Korea.Children from across Dallas flocked to the Palace Theater to bring in their books and compete for the grand prize — a $100 Defense Bond for the child who donated the most volumes. Stuart and Timothy Dobbs claimed the top prize, with 417 books, while Harley Hightower Jr. came in second with 264. Overall, the drive netted 4,016 books.  Continue reading...

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