Family Feud, 2018 Edition: Republicans Brace for Internal Struggle in March Primaries

With a firm hold on Texas politics, Republicans don't have to fight Democrats. How would they have time, when they're so busy fighting themselves?Elections in 2018 will feature tough primary battles with conservatives pitted against conservatives as the GOP continues its inner struggle to define itself.When the candidate filing period ends in December, at least 50 incumbents are expected to face opposition, including some of the most powerful lawmakers in the Texas Legislature. There are already 40 contested races in the House and four in the Senate, including three bellwether matchups in North Texas.What's different about the upcoming election cycle is not only the number of challenges, but also the players who will be involved behind the scenes. The top two Republicans in the state, Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, have pledged their involvement, although they won't be actively recruiting candidates.  Continue reading...

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