Ex-shelter Boss Jody Jones' 2016 Evaluation and Raise Is Dallas City Hall at Its Worst

New City Manager T.C. Broadnax, in case you're looking for the latest example of why so many folks don't trust their local government, consider this:Jody Jones' direction of Dallas Animal Services in 2016 was, at best, mediocre. In some cases, it was worse than lousy. Now taxpayers learn that her bosses -- Assistant City Manager Joey Zapata and Code Compliance Director Kris Sweckard -- gave Jones an overwhelmingly positive evaluation in December and a 3 percent merit raise.City Manager Broadnax, we realize you were busy running Tacoma, Wash., in 2016. So let us share what Jones -- who now makes more than $124,000 a year despite no longer even managing the shelter -- was doing here in Dallas.When Antoinette Brown was mauled to death by dogs May 2, Jones' response about the South Dallas death was heartless and wrongheaded. "I hate to say it, but people die in traffic fatalities every day," Jones said. "I wish we could be everywhere to everyone, but that just isn't reality."Facing growing concerns about the loose-dog problem in southern Dallas, she first stonewalled against roundups. When finally forced to increase dog-catching, her effort was woefully inadequate.  Continue reading...

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