Dustin Marshall: What Do Confederate Memorials Teach Our Children?

As a young Texan, I learned to value state's rights and limited government, to be proud of my heritage, and to be wary of "Yankees" (that didn't stick - I married one). I learned that Robert E. Lee and other Confederate Generals were to be revered. I never questioned why. Recent events in this country have changed that.Like many white males of my generation, I've grown up with many advantages. But as a child and young man, I was surrounded by thoughtful adults who reminded me of those advantages as they taught me compassion and respect for others. Today's national political climate requires that parents who want to pass along these values - especially white parents - must speak out against racial intolerance.We cannot sit idly by as racial bigots march through the streets of Charlottesville and hope that white supremacy doesn't come to Dallas. Sadly, it is already here and has been for a long time. We need to unmask racism and that means uprooting its symbols.  Continue reading...

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