Denton Animal Shelter Employee Killed Kitten by Slamming It Into Ground, Co-worker Tells Police

Denton police are investigating after an employee at the city's animal shelter reported witnessing a co-worker slamming a kitten into the floor, killing it.The incident occurred Dec. 15 at the Linda McNatt Animal Care & Adoption Center, KDFW-TV (Channel 4) reported, and the employee reported it the next day.Police told KDFW that the man accused of killing the kitten had planned to quit and Dec. 15 was his last day.The woman who witnessed the incident told police that the man was trying to change the kitten's collar."The kitten became irritated and bit the suspect's hand," police said in a statement. "The suspect then raised up the hand he was holding the kitten with and threw it forcefully on the floor. The kitten died shortly after this from the injuries it sustained."Police also said the man did not report the bite and wrote in shelter's records that the kitten was "sick, died in shelter."Police did not identify the suspect in the incident.  Continue reading...

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