Dallas to Bike-share Companies: Clean Up Your Mess, Or We Will

Dallas City Hall is running out of patience with the five companies that have turned parts of this city into bike-rental graveyards.Thursday night, City Manager T.C. Broadnax sent a letter to LimeBike, Ofo, VBikes, Spin and Mobike giving them until Feb. 9 to clean up the clutter currently passing for Dallas' dockless bike-share program. If those companies don't meet the deadline, Broadnax wrote, the city "may be left with no choice but to begin removing bicycles in its rights of way, sidewalks, trails and/or trailheads that are identified as obstructions or hazards."In his missive, Broadnax lays out specific rules of the road, chief among them: "Relocate all bicycles."  Continue reading...

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