Dallas Theater Center Announces Its New Season, Which Includes a World Premiere About Kim Jong-un

Since it won the 2017 Regional Theatre Tony Award, the announcement of a new season by Dallas Theater Center is a big deal. And the 2019-2020 season announced Friday offers, in the words of Charles Dickens, great expectations.For one, there will be a world premiere, and how's this for embracing the headlines? The Supreme Leader is a fictionalized coming-of-age comedy about — are you ready? — North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un."I love introducing Dallas Theater Center audiences to fresh, new playwriting voices and surprising stories," said artistic director Kevin Moriarty. "The Supreme Leader has both of those. Don Nguyen is a playwright with a smart, funny, personal way of seeing the world. His play is a coming-of-age comedy about teenagers at a boarding school, but one of those teens is Kim Jong-un, who we all know as the threatening dictator of one of America's greatest adversaries."Moriarty added of the Kim Jong-un play: "I know this might sound crazy, but it's a very sweet, funny and ultimately moving play. And unlike anything we've done at Dallas Theater Center, which, of course, I love."As we all know by now, anything having to do with the Broadway sensation Hamilton, directly or indirectly, creates a whole lot of buzz. Before he wrote Hamilton, Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote In the Heights, a splashy musical that's part of the new season. Dates are tentative and subject to change, but In the Heights is scheduled to usher in the new season on Sept. 21.   Continue reading...

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