Dallas Still Has No Idea Why Uber JUMP-ed Out of the City's Rental E-bike Business

It has been a couple of weeks since Uber pedaled its e-bikes out of Dallas, and still we have no idea why. At least, not officially. The official release was pretty vague. And by pretty I mean extremely. As in: "We are winding down our JUMP bike operations in Dallas. We look forward to continuing to offer JUMP scooters. We will maintain an open dialogue with city leaders on how we can continue working together to expand transportation options and are grateful for their dedication." Which is the exact same thing San Antonio was told. Not much. Strange, considering that in December, Uber officials were at Dallas City Hall promising to roll out 2,000 e-bikes in coming months. But city officials didn't get much warning, either. Or, much of an explanation.   Continue reading...

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