Dallas Having to Thin the Herd at Pioneer Plaza Because of a Few Bum Steers

"They're awesome," the lady from New Hampshire was saying in Monday her thick N'Hampshah accent about the 49 bronze steers and three riders trotting in place in front of the downtown convention center. April and her husband Roy Hurlbert are visiting Dallas for a few days as guests of Toyota, as the car-maker shows off its latest line to dealers from across the country. And the couple, staying at the downtown Westin, wanted to see horses and cows, preferably out in the country. "But if I can't get real life, I'll go with the statues" April was saying as Roy was waiting to have his picture taken in front of the immobile -- and inexplicable -- cattle drive on 4.2 acres at Young and Griffin streets.Except Roy had to pose just so: Nine of the steers crafted by Glen Rose's Robert Summers two decades ago are presently wrapped in yellow caution tape. So, too, is the cowboy astride the horse at the top of the hill. To the passer-by it looks like they galloped through a crime scene and became tangled in the tape.  Continue reading...

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