Dallas City Hall Says You're Not the Only One Tired of All Those Junky Bike Rentals

I counted 77 parked rental bikes on the walk to the office Tuesday morning -- a one-minute, two-block mile trek from the Scottish Rite parking lot to the new News digs on Commerce Street. The bikes, either Ofo's bright-yellow offerings or LimeBike's yellow-and-green machines, were clustered on every corner and lined up along the sidewalks in the path of pedestrians. A few stood upright, but dozens were slumped over like New Year's Eve drunks. The four companies that dumped thousands of bikes on Dallas beginning this fall are supposed to straighten up their act, per instructions from a City Hall that's months away from cracking down on the buck-a-bike-rentals that it had given free reign. But on this dreary Tuesday morning, in front of our office, that job fell to Daniel Lott, a 52-year-old machinist who this time last year was sleeping in Tent City before he sobered up.  Continue reading...

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