Cruz and Trump on Same Page: No Firm Deadline for Senate Obamacare Repeal

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump told Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and a dozen other GOP senators over lunch on Tuesday that he expects a "fantastic" bill to replace Obamacare on his desk "as soon as possible."While progress is being made in closed door negotiations -- with Texas Sen. John Cornyn among those predicting the chamber will pass a plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act by August -- Cruz cautioned ahead of the meeting with Trump not to set "artificial deadlines.""That has not worked well in the past," he said.Trump, too, is projecting urgency while avoiding any specific target date.With Cruz and a dozen other GOP senators seated with him in the Cabinet Room, along with Vice President Mike Pence, Trump told reporters that he expects a "fantastic" bill that is generous and kind, even if it requires more funding from Congress - parameters that don't necessarily mesh with what GOP allies in Congress have been mulling. With the press on hand, at least, he avoided going into detail."The House has passed a bill and now the Senate is working very, very hard and specifically the folks in this room... to come out with a bill that's going to be a phenomenal bill for the people of our country - generous, kind, with heart, that's what I'm saying," he said. "And that may be adding additional money into it. We'll come out with a real bill, not Obamacare, and the results are going to be fantastic... and everybody's going to be happy."  Continue reading...

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